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About Us

About Us




A meticulously planned academic programme is implemented in our school. The academic session is from April to March. Classes are held from Monday to Saturday. To monitor the progress of the child on monthly basis the school has arranged class test. FAs and SAs are conducted to evaluate the students. Results declared to the end of the year will be final. Remedial classes are arranged for the weak students.


Shamshad Chaudhary Public School is blessed with well qualified, experienced and highly motivated faculty abreast with the latest in the field of eductaion and technology. For the relaization of its objectives the school counts on the genuine personal witness of its inspiring teachers. At regular intervals workshops, seminars and orientation programmes are organized for the faculty to cope up with the demands of the 21st Centaury classrooms and to increase the efficiency level of the faculty. Subject teachers and Department Heads in Consultation with the Principal design strategies to make the teaching learning process more interesting, down to earth and relevant to life.


Our Mission


  • We lay emphasis on experimental and exploratory methods of learning well beyond classrooms, as well as espouse the practice of our school values and attributes.
  • We explore new avenues of learning and encourage our children to ask open ended questions.
  • We create a strong relationship with the child and enhance connection between the educator, parent and the child.
  • We understand the child’s interest and help them discover their identity and purpose in life.
  • We create a comfortable safe environment for children.



Rooted in the Motto “Service Before Self”. S.C.P.S GARIMA GARDEN is a school with a soul. We envision to make our children:

  • self-reliant and productive individuals, ready to serve the community.
  • to develop in students the quality of integrity, honesty, trust, tolerance and compassion.
  • to promote the spirit of enquiry
  • to foster a scientific temper within the bonds of humanism.
  • To help the student to become meaningful part of his/her environment.
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